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>>>>Challenge 117:Information<<<<

Thanks a lot Martin and Gordon, for the wonderful job hosting Challenge 117. It turned out to be a quite difficult challenge, not only for the participants, but also for the voters. PLEASE take your time to review all the valuable entries, if you have not done yet, before moving to the next challenge. The results are posted in the thread http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1009&message=18312438 and the gallery is available for your review here:

Before coming to the next theme I would like to highlight the difficult decision process on the next theme. As Martin pointed out the challenge would be co-hosted, namely by Frank and myself. Unfortunately it happens that myself is Frank (and vice-versa), which obviously lead to a very complicated discussions on the next topic. Luckily there is a way out and we (myself and Frank) had come to the conclusion to involve a 3rd party. Finally I am very proud to say that Helen Betts kindly agreed to be the co-host for the challenge 117! Thanks a lot Helen!

Together with Helen it was then easy to find the next theme. It is:

STF CHALLENGE 117: "red - Red - RED"

The theme for this challenge is quite simply, it is all about the color "red". Nothing more, nothing less. It is now up to your imagination to work on a picture that carries this red spirit. You may shoot a red pepper, red rose, dress your model with a red shirt or paint your car red. You also can use your photo software to eliminate any other color then red. Everything is allowed. Maybe not really everthing, because I (Frank) need to stress the fact that I cannot stand seeing blood ... !

It is all about fun, it is about learning from each other, it is about sharing your view and your comments. At the end, we will have ashort voting period to determine who will host the next challenge.

Challenge 117 begins now, Friday, May 5, 2006 and will end Tuesday, May 16 at 20:00pm BST (London time). The galleries will be set up with a small delay ad will be ready by Sunday. Everyone will then have two full weekends to obtain images.

These guidelines are meant to help things run smoothly for all... and to serve as a handy reference to answer common questions. Thanks for reading thru all this stuff again:

  • Up to three(3) images are allowed in each of the two galleries (Eligible and Exhibition).

  • You can enter photos anonymously if you want to. If you do, send me an email indicating your real identity. My e-mail address is [email protected] .

  • Collaborating on entries is also welcome. An artist can be involved in up to three collaborative efforts in addition to the usual three single images allowed in each gallery.

  • Those who prefer to have critiques of their photos be more "critical", feel free to mark the image title with an asterisk ( ).

  • Please put your name(identity choice) and a unique title on each of your image thumbnails. It really helps to keep voting problem issues to a minimum.

  • Please resize your images to no larger than 800 pixels on the longest side before uploading to pBase... can be larger if a panoramic image.

  • Please keep your questions and concerns posted in this thread for best response. Someone will address them as soon as possible.

  • Challenge time period will run from the time this posts on Friday, May 5th, 2006, thru Tuesday, May 16 at 20:00pm BST (London time). Time tables will be posted in the galleries. A separate voting thread will be posted shortly after the end of the Challenge period.

  • Eligible images must be taken with a Sony digital camera...& within the challenge time period. The winner of this gallery will host the next Challenge. All entries in eligible should at least include the camera model used and the date indicating when the photo was taken..."exif" data attached would be ideal(if available). "Exif" data is a big help to a lot of viewers for a variety of reasons. THANKS for your friendly cooperation.

  • Exhibition images can be obtained with any camera at any time. If you do not want to host the next Challenge, this is the gallery you should post your images to.

  • Here’s a link to the main stfchallenge galleries page:


  • To see fully illustrated upload instructions, visit:


EVERYONE is welcome to join, to contribute, to comment and to HAVE FUN! We all share the same passion for photography. Let' s work on it! We are looking forward for your great and creative input.

Thanks & Have Fun,
Frank & Helen

PS: We finally got rid of the other Frank

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