18-200 VR creep, crawl, gravitate - and consumer advocacy

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Re: Thanks Nikon for 18-200 VR. I made $$ by selling mine on eBay

Why? I did not get me better images thru 18-200 VR than my Kit lens 18-70 DX (in equiv. range).

I had greater expectation from this lens. [In terms of build and distortions]. Though VR convenience is a big big plus. That's why this len sales well.

Finally going thru the focal ranges in which I have taken my photo, I concluded that for quality images (In addition to building better skill) I go for:
1) 17-55 mm DX (Coming on my way $1139 from Buydig - $100 coupon)

2) 105 mm VR (Put myself in the backorder list to shoot Bugs, flowers and compensating lack of zoom a bit. Also realizing that Ken Rockwell is not the final say in photography. I am very impressed by the results from this lens]

Meanwhile I had lot of fun shooting with 30mm f/2 and 50 mm f/1.8 as well. But hopefully 17-55 will make them irrelevant for me.

In near future....

I will get a Kenko Pro 1.4/1.7 for increasing reach.

Next year Tax refund time...

Buy Nikon 80-400 (In case Nikon comes with a faster version I will be happy camper) or 70-200 VR (I have joined LA Fitness to gain enough strength by then)


BTW, Is this a serious disease or a temporary infatuation (lens lust). Have anyone of you have seen a Psychologist over this? ):

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