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Re: Primes and Zooms

Pix 1 - 105mm 1/125 f/8 iso800 d2hs 105 VR (handheld)

Macro shot of the anther (about the size of a grain of rice) of a flower. Minimum DOF to get anything in focus while using this as a macro lens. Shooting wide open for anything else produces sharp images and creamy bokeh (much similiar to the 85 1.4, 70-200 VR & 200VR). I am certain when mounted on a tripod the results will be acceptable too.

Pix 2 - 150mm 1/50 f/11 iso800 d2hs 105VR with TC14 (handheld)

Trying for a macro shot coupled with a TC14. Now I am trying to see how low I can push the shutter speed before the VR2 fails. Still very impressed.

Pix 3 - 150mm 1/45 f/4 iso400 d2hs 105VR with TC14 (handheld)

The whole point this image was to illustrate IMHO how far the 105 VR can be pushed to its limits. Mounted to the TC14, shot wide open at a low shutter speed. Wow!

Pix 4 - 100% crop of Pix 3

Only limited by the resolution of the D2hs. May try this again with the less forgiving D2x sometime this weekend. Will try the TC17 & TC20 too.

All signs so far point to another gem from Nikon engineers.


lamesalegend wrote:

wenpinow wrote:

decent sharpness wide open, AFS, VR,
ability to mount with TC14/17/20. Did I say I am IMPRESSED with
this lens? I would rank this up there with my 200VR & 70-200VR.
Enjoy the pixs, click you can see the camera & lens settings if you
follow the links.

The second from the last photo, of the stainless steel containers
and hot sauce jar, shows incredible sharpness and is exactly what I
want that lens to do. What aperture was that shot at? Handheld?

Also you mentioned decent sharpness wide open does it come close to
the 70-200 wide open?

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