Samsung 214T and 244T monitors - very different picture quality

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Samsung 214T and 244T monitors - very different picture quality

Don't assume that lcd monitors of the same make - and with similar product names - will have similar picture quality if the screen size is different.

I am very happy with my 21 inch Samsung 214T, so when my wife needed a new monitor I jumped at the chance to pass it to her and buy the wide screen 24 inch version for myself.

The results were very disappointing. The whole story is told in the letter to the supplier, Digi UK.

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(copy of letter to Digi UK)

As we discussed on the telephone yesterday and today, I am returning the Samsung SM244T computer monitor which arrived recently. The image quality is not satisfactory.

I ordered the 24 inch 244T because of the high quality of the 21 inch Samsung 214T which I purchased from you a couple of months ago. I knew immediately that the image quality from the 244T is inferior compared with the 214T and not suitable for my purpose (photo manipulation). After an hour or so trying to adjust the 244T to get the display right, I knew that the monitor would never be good enough for my purpose so I re-packaged it carefully and I have not used it since.

The main picture quality points are:

1. Uneven blacks over the whole screen area. The corners are lighter than the centre. Dark photos do not look even. The blacks on the 214T are very even corner-to-corner.

2. Small head movements produce changes in brightness and saturation. This is unsatisfactory for image manipulation. The 214T is very stable in this respect and you need to be off axis by a large degree to produce brightness changes.

3. Difficult to tame the contrast. I tried to adjust but it never looked right. I get excellent subtle colours from the 214T.

4. Black crushing - detail lost in shadow areas of photos.

So the 244T does not meet my needs and I wish to return it. I am disappointed that two Samsung monitors from the same product line are so different.

Please refund my credit card with £826.01 (£700 + VAT).


BTW Digi UK accepted the return without any hassle but they were a bit inefficient in processing the refund. I had to call several times, but it came through eventually.

Steve Horn

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