25-105 in UK...anyone found any yet?

Started Apr 28, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Re: Buying from US for UK

Sorry, I was just re-reading the posts and I didn't answer the very important question regarding warranties if you buy the lens from B & H in NYC. It may sound odd, but as long as you buy the US version and not their 'grey import' version, you will be fine as they come with an international warranty. Their website gives details, but if you buy the 'imported' version, they say it is exactly the same item but you have to send it back to them for fixes and they make a point of saying international customers may want to get the US version as they come with a warranty you will be able to use here in the UK or anywhere else. Saying that, unusually they only offer the US version of the 24-105 so it will be fine, with shipping it will work out at £712. Normally I wouldn't have a problem and just buy from them, but since it is actually more expensive this time, I am going to just be patient and buy it here - I guess it comes down to have fast you want it.

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