Sony VCL-M3367 macro lens procedure

Started Apr 27, 2006 | Discussions thread
Yehuda Katz Forum Pro • Posts: 25,916
And add the ISO and WB settings.

JackB. wrote:

First screw on the lens to front of R1.

Then turn focus knob on left side of camera to "macro".

Turn control knob to "manual" mode "M".

Set f stop to f 16. Set shutter speed to 1/100th sec.

Attach my sunpak 383 strobe into the hot shoe.

Turn flash setting to "forced" flash.

Turn the sunpak 383 on.

Turn camera on.

zoom out the lens about half way.

view the subject thru view finder or LCD to see that it fits the
screen ok.

Make a test shot and adjust settings as needed.

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