Dell 2001FP or Dell 2007FP?

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Re: 2007fp when they fix the banding. Only consider IPS.

linuxworks wrote:

Peter G wrote:

I would only consider an IPS based screen for viewing angle issues.
I bought the 24" Dell and it was terrible. Move your head 2" and
the dark tones (shadow) drastically change luminosity. It was a PVA
screen. I got rid of it.

odd. I have not noticed that problem with my 2405fpw. had it a
few months now. love it.

Admittedly I can be very picky when moving to new technology. But this is characteristic of all PVA/MVA panels. I found it very distracting and annoying.

I honestly much prefer CRT. It just works without wierd artifacts.

Here is a way to spot what I am talking about:

Move you head a bit while observing the 5% to 30% tones. They shift quite readily. This is only to show you what I am talking about. I witnessed it just about everywhere.

For photo editing I would think it a real issue if working with shadow detail. By simply moving the picture for the side of the screen to the center it goes from visible on the side to dark in the center.

I realize lots of people dont' notice and they are lucky. I wish I didn't.

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