What is the best 1.4/1.5/1.7 teleconverter?

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About the Pentax-F 1.7X AF Adapter...

Alberto Battelli wrote:

Thanks Ron, I just bought a Pentax 1.7x AF..

It is a fine TC after you learn the best way to use it. If you've never used one before then this is the way to use it:

In most cases just set your lens to infinity and the 1.7X will focus for you. If the subject is closer (lens dependent) then you must prefocus the lens in the general area and then the 1.7X will focus for you.

As has been written many times before about the Pentax-F 1.7X AF Adapter; for autofocus, one must use it with f4 or faster lenses. However, in very, very good light you can use it with a f5.6 lens. I was using mine today with my Pentax-A 400/5.6 and locking focus everytime.

For manual focusing the f4 (sometimes f5.6) is not required and you use the 1.7X as you would any teleconverter.

If you are the adventerous type; you can also use the Pentax-F 1.7X AF Adapter to make your M42 screwmount lenses autofocus. Just short out the pins (with aluminum foil) on the lensmount side of the 1.7X. Actually you only need to short out one pin; the one just to the left of the six o'clock position as you are looking at the lensmount side of the 1.7X.

However you use it, I am sure you will enjoy it as much as many of us do that own it.

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