my firstborn DSLR

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my firstborn DSLR

Hi everyone,

After reading this forum for many months and doing some basic learning by reading, I finally got my own DSLR.

I believe it's a solid evolution. I started with a very capable Canon A70 p&s and upgraded to an even more capable Nikon 8400 (with that sexy 24mm wide angle) about two years ago. The Nikon 8400 is a prosumer cam so the step up to the Nikon D50 wasn't that difficult.

Now I got my hands and eye on a decent Nikon D50. I followed the majority and opted for the body with the 18-70mm D70 kitlens. I bought the latter from a friend at a very good price.(Maybe some time later I'll order a 50mm 1.8D for low light and sharpness)

I received the body last friday but only today I got the time (and the wheather) to get out and listen to some nice shuttersounds

Here you can find a small selection of the results:

Any comments are welcome. I know it's nothing state of the art, I'm still learning to use my D50 and these pictures were taken in my own neighbourhood (Ghent, Belgium). I believe I can get some sexier pics at other locations...we'll see what the future brings.

I must say, it is true. The handling and feel of the D50 is way better than Canon's RebelXT.

My goal was really to compare the dynamic range, speed, sharpness and the zoom range to my older cameras.

No suprise: I was impressed!
I'd say, being a student: hard-earned money well spent!


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