My review of Giottos MT9180 tripod and MH1001 ball head.

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Re: Did a search...

I have the 9170 and picked it because it is a 3 section leg as compared to the 9180 which is a 4 section. I figured less work extending the legs and 3 less twist locks reduces the chance of not locking a leg tight and having the tripod lean or even tip over. It supports the same 26 lbs, and has the same 32mm dia legs as well. The 70s extended height is 4" less than the 80 it's just under 2" longer though when folded up.

It seemed like the logical choice to me when compared to the other two. The 9160 supports 22lbs is 3" shorter than the 70 when extended and is the same size folded as the 80. It also has a 28mm dia leg...

Watch the descriptions if you surf the web for info on these 3 tripods, I found Adorama has the spec's all messed up.

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