30D soft LCD?

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10D vs. 30D observations

I just received my 30D and still have my 10D to compare against and these are my observations.

I took a couple of pics with the 30D and looked at them on it and 10D (it can review the larger 30D files). Both cameras zoom to about the same level, meaning that when fully zoomed in each camera displays the same cropped image.

I calculated the effective resolution of each LCD screen and they are about the same. I also measured the resolution of the fully zoomed in image displayed on each LCD. At max zoom, the image is enlarged around 160%. This gives you the same effect as zooming into 160% in Photoshop, except the image appears "smoothed" instead of pixelated. I suspect they are using a simple interpolation algorithm, as the scaling algorithm appears to give similar results as bad JPEG compression, kinda blotchy.

I also took the image in photoshop and cropped it to the resolution of the 30D LCD screen. Then I zoomed out on the camera until the images matched to find the 100% zoom. It is exactly 3 presses back from full zoom (i.e. zoom to max, then zoom out 3 times). That should give maximum sharpness on the LCD screen.

Now, as for a comparison between the 10D and 30D, I think the point is one of perception. The 10D APPEARS sharper because it is smaller. If you look real close it shows the same smoothing artifacts as the 30D screen, but since it's smaller it appears sharper.

Overall though, the 30D is the better screen in my opinion. It has a really wide viewing angle where color and luminosity don't change. The 10D was terrible in that respect and made it impossible for me to judge anything related to exposure as the contrast of the image would vary just by tilting the camera a tiny fraction of a degree. Now the color accuracy of the 30D is quite lacking and it tends to show a slightly brighter image than my computer monitor, but at least it's consistent withing a fairly large range of viewing angles.

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