Which ND Filter ?

Started Apr 20, 2006 | Discussions thread
Shawn Clark (LE) Regular Member • Posts: 350
Re: Why not higher shutter speed?

1/8000 to stop a rotor, thats extreme, you only need 1/8000 to stop a small fast turning object, it's about 1/60 to get a good blur on a GA aircraft, the bigger the rotor the slower it turns, and the slower speed you need to get a good blur. A good blur is defined as a full (or nearly full) blur disc along the prop spin area.

The tip of a prop or a rotor can't exceed the trans sonic threshold, or else the shock waves that start to form create ineffency and noise. The larger the prop/rotor the slower it can turn.

If I remember the old head at the airport correctly the signature sound of the T-6 is in part created by the prop being in the transonic threshold.

Ok I will stop being a pilot geek.

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