A200 Wide angle lens

Started Apr 18, 2006 | Discussions thread
rhann New Member • Posts: 11
Getting back to Wide Angles

The original question was about a wide angle lens. Somehow it became a telephoto thread.

I have the Raynox MDR079PRO wide angle supplemental lens. It has a .79x factor, making the wide angle end of the zoom into a 35mm equivalent of 22mm. That's very wide. It has good resolution and little or no vignetting. Naturally there is some barrel distortion, but that's something you expect with superwides. It can be corrected in postprocessing, if necessary.

I don't remember what I paid for it, but you can look it up online. It's something you use only once in a while, but when you need it, it's a lifesaver.

I have used it on both the A1 and the A200 with no problems. I have no experience with the K-M supplemental lens. Sorry...


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