How Many 30D Owners Have Dust On Their Sensor?

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I don't like the idea of the poly foam.

I'm not sure why, but it just seems "wrong". It seems like they might leave some kind of residue behind. But then they're made for cleaning delicate things so I might be completely wrong about this. And if they worked, they might work very well, actually.

Here's a hit I found doing a "Google" for the phrase: "lint free cotton swab":

I have not bought from this supplier, but it looks like they're selling the same stuff I see in the catalogs from other electronics production equipment places.

Chemtronics has made chemicals and equipment related to electronic assembly work for many years. 1000 swabs for $25.81 is higher price than the generic "ear cleaners" I get at the grocery store, but it's still darn cheap. I'd be especially interested if they were individually wrapped. That's kind of a waste of paper, but you'd know they were clean even if you had them in your camera bag for a while before using one.

I can't tell if those come individually wrapped or not, but they still might be useful.

They do call them "low lint" and not "lint free", but I'm sure they're dandy.

I can't vouch for that supplier, they were just the first hit I saw.

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