How Many 30D Owners Have Dust On Their Sensor?

Started Apr 12, 2006 | Discussions thread
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You bring up several good points.

I do think that one of the good things about the breath water is that it gives you a longer "working time" before it evaporates.

And being a quite polar solvent it's good for a lot of contaminants we get on both lenses and the sensor filter.

I have not tried this, but maybe an idea would be to get a tiny bit of alcohol on the swab but then also breathe onto the sensor filter. That way, you'd have a mixture of alcohol and water to work with. I may have to try that sometime

And your points about which way your camera is oriented as you drive or walk around might also be worth thinking about. If the sensor is down, it makes sense that dust would find the sensor easier than if you carried it "sensor up".

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