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Re: Very Little Information

crash447 wrote:

I went to the site and may have overlooked some stuff, but I could
not find very much information.

Sorry about that. Like the program itself, the web site is not finished. We'll add more details later.

XMP ???

Not yet.

IPTC ???

Yes. Read IPTC from all formats, including RAW image files. Lossless IPTC editing of JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF and PSD files.

Versions ???


Color Managed ???

No. Depending on user feedback we may include this in a future release. It's relatively easy to implement.

Our reasoning: This program is designed to catalog and find image files. It's not an image browser per se. You find the image files you're looking for, and then open them in Photoshop or whatever program you're using. We can hardly see the need to color manage small 200 pixel thumbnails.

As described on our web site, you'll find plenty of programs with more features. Personally, we prefer light, easy to use and specialized software. Digital Photo Cataloger can't do everything, but what it does it does very well. In our own humble opinion, of course.

XMP Sidecars for RAW Files???

Not yet.

DNG Support???


Just curious if there is somewhere to find more information before
downloading and trying. I have learned that with cataloging
software you can do a lot of the work before you even try an
application out.

You're right. Again, we hope to add more info to the web site later. Until then, feel free to ask.

Best regards,

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