Is it worth it to buy this lens

Started Apr 10, 2006 | Discussions thread
Mike Scrotum Regular Member • Posts: 232
I got that lens as kit lens with my old EOS 500

I used an EOS 500 for the last 9 years and bought the 350D two month ago.

The 35-80mm was the kit lens I bought together with my EOS 500.

1.) I do think the 18-55mm kit lens is not much better than the 35-80mm

2.) The 35-80mm does have bad range for a 1.6 crop sensor. (56-128 is not so super as a walk-around lens).

3.) If you want a "backup" for your kit lens I would suggest to get 35mm/2.0 prime lens. The 50mm/1.8 is also a very good lens for its price.


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