creative use of the interval timer

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creative use of the interval timer

I think one of the most overseen feature of the D200 is its built in interval timer, Most people think its something for scientists, but it really has so many uses.

here are two ideas about how you can use the timer.

First one is called "averaging". Instead of doing a long exposure (which is difficult to do in daylight anyway) you take a large number of photos and combine them into one. The effect is very similar to long exposure sometimes even more interesting as detail is still visible in moving objects. The timer is very handy as it takes the photos for you and all will have the same time interval between them.

This represents aprox 4 minutes of exposure time. I combined 50 shots. I took 150 but the motion blured out too much.

another one but this time water which moves much faster than clouds. I like the way you have motion blur but also detail in the water.

A completely different use of the timer is if you want to combine shots selectively. Here I combined shots taken with the timer.

It also works great to get real long exposure times without a cable release. The camera itself is limited to 30 seconds. Not enough for night photography. Set the timer to 31 seconds interval and the number of shots will add up to the total exposure time. For 3 minutes exposure time you take 6 photos of 30 seconds. In Photoshop you combine these photos using layers and set them to "screen" mode. Here is an example:

I hope this will give you some ideas on how to use the timer, and if you come up with a different use, please share it!

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