5D beauty photos

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5D beauty photos

Last week I wanted to test the 5D on some beauty photos with the 85mm 1.2. Then I got a couple of good models a good hair and make up and I did few quick shots in my studio at home.

Normally for this kind of work I use the Kodak 14n or a digital back Leaf Aptus or the old 1ds.

I wanted to see the versatility of the camera on this kind of shooting (though I had no doubt it would had been good), but especially the level of average sharpness among all the shots I get during few hours of work.

The 5d faired well, good average sharpness, sattisfactory for the majority of media where beauty photos are normally printed on. There is not comparison with a digital back detail, but at the same time it took me 1/10 of the time retouching the photos and for the majority of beauty tasks, less detail might be better.

Dynamic range is also pretty good in controlled light studio conditions, though the file is more fragile to tweaking compared to Kodak or Leaf Aptus and it defenitively have less dynamic range and an inferior palette of colors to begin with than both.

The file is also a bit more fragile compared to the old 1ds but in the complex it is a better file, especially skins and details.

Skin tones are great, probably among the best of all the digital captures avalaible.
here is a link to some of the photos


the 100% crop became fairly softer than the original files once it went trough the web gallery software, probably due to the jpeg compression.

All file have been retouched a bit and color balanced a part for the last two that are basically straight out of the raw converter.

Flat view
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