Is this Dell Dimension 9150 ok for Photoshop work?

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Re: anyone care to confirm ....

trh wrote:

Yes, you can go to the 9xx chips on the 945. I started out with a
820D on my system and do to a nice deal on a new customer build, I
swapped mine out to a 940D and used the 820D in the new build. He
got a deal and I got an upgrade for a couple hundred bucks.

And to anyone upgrading for CS, do your self a favor and go dual
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Tim H.

Thanks Tim for that piece of good news. Since DELL isn't going to perform this upgrade, can I assume swapping out the CPU is a straight plug-n-play situation, ie. buy the D950 (or newer D9xx) off the shelf and replace the D830?

Is the 9150's factory heatsink good enough or does a heatsink come with the new CPU? I'm completely PC savvy but have no clue about buying CPUs and what is shipped with standalone CPU purchase. I don't frequent computer shops enough to know.

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