Nude Actions for PhotoShop

Started Apr 1, 2006 | Discussions thread
Paul H Contributing Member • Posts: 583
The more things change...

SteveEC1 wrote:

The last part makes sense too...

If it saves you time and makes you money, then that is a good
investment. How much value is derived, is usually best determined
by the time saved and money earned and those discussions may
vary... - usually relative to how people value their own time .

Hey! I read pretty much the same thing in a nineteeth-century handbill printed up to organize a slave-trading syndicate. Kind of interesting how the concept of a "good investment" doesn't change over time.

Regarding, the original "nude Photoshop action" product: I would buy it, but I'm too afraid my mommy would find the packaging materials under my mattress along with my other "adult" materials.

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