Any news on Dicain 5D vertical grip availability?

Started Mar 31, 2006 | Discussions thread
Mat Youn New Member • Posts: 9
Hi.. I'm Korean who first wrote about dicain..


I used 5d and now i changed to 7d w/ grip. And i still need it because my friend use 5d and he want that. anyway, about a month ago, I asked my friend in korea to order 5d grip using . They pre-ordered about 300 pcs to dicain.

I heard that about 150 pcs are sent to each user and remainings are all done by this month..

They originally planned that after that 300 pcs, they are planning to sell more, but the schedule are so delayed and the process are so long. I heard that only ONE guy is doing all jobs regarding 5d grip.

I think i can get it at least late this month. My order no. is 168.
The price is around 85,000 won ($85).

You can see some pics below.


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