D200 available now at J&R

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Re: D200 available now at J&R

boc wrote:

Yeah, I'm not very happy with them right now. I called Tuesday to
check on the order since nothing had been updated. I was told they
were behind on orders but she moved mine to the top of the pile so
it would be processed asap. The credit department called soon after
that to verify the shipping address which was different from the
billing. I waited all day for a shipping email but nothing came.
Just a few minutes ago I just received an email saying that it's
back ordered and that they have it on order from the manufacturer
blah blah blah. This is ridiculous, I've never had an online order
take so long to get processed. It was listed in stock for well over
a day after I placed my order on Friday. I've been pretty patient
in my search for a D200 but I feel that J&R really dropped the ball
on this one. This was my first experience dealing with them and
looks like it'll be the last.

I was so upset that I told them to cancel my order. They offered to take $70 off if I kept it. So I'll give them a little more time, but I can't wait forever. Supposedly they have 30 internet orders when I spoke to them yesterday for the d200 body. So it depends on where you are on that list and how many they receive from Nikon.

And I received the same e-mail you got about being back-ordered. Not happy at all...

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