DxO Optics & R1 vs. PSE3

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Re: DxO Optics & R1 vs. PSE3

I use DxO Optics Starter and also PSE3 with the F828. The advantages of PSE3 are, first, it will handle raw images and the DxO will not for the F828 (nor for the R1 I believe). Added to that, the ACR is integral to PSE3, so there is no annoying switching between programs.

On the othe hand, the DxO is one of the few programs that allows you to effectively modify white balance and exposure on JPEGS, just like you would on a raw image. The lens correction and chromatic abberation correction are first class, and the lighting balance is better than the Adobe highlights/shadows correction. On the negative side, the sliders are difficult to move accurately, and the conversion to the corrected image is slow.

I often start with DxO on jpegs and then go to PE3 for plug-ins that I use like color correction, sharpening, and saving.

nearlyfocused wrote:

Has anyone used DxO Optics software, and can you compare the
advantages over PSE3

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