Is the D200 Really Such a Bad Camera???

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Is the D200 Really Such a Bad Camera???

OK, I'll admit it....I am frustrated. I have been lusting after a D200 for two months now and I am finally ready to ditch my KM gear for one. I never worried too much about the banding issue but all this talk about noise is driving me round the bend.

I consider the D200 as the only camera that comes close to the ease of access to controls I am used to from KM but to be honest, reading between the lines of Phil's 30D review, he seems to be suggesting the 30D is a better camera. Yes I know he didn't say that but I get the feeling that is what he thinks and although he tries to avoid saying it, it seems to came across.

I am a few days away from D-Day when I walk into the store armed with my credit card but after reading review after review and post after post on every forum that talks about these two cameras, I have hit a wall and it is driving mad. Some guy changed from the 5D to D200 here while another changed the other way.

Be honest guys, in your hearts of hearts...if you didn't own Nikon glass, which would you choose? I am a hobbyist and after the KM meltdown, I want to get it right.

Some background. I hardly shoot over ISO 400 (I live in the Middle East and often the problem is actually wishing I had ISO 25 to keep the speed down). KMs AS also means I can shoot at slower ISO Speeds in low light.

Jessops now has the 30D for 1000 pounds and I am starting to wonder whether the D200 is worth the extra 200 odd.

I once tried the Canon EOS 7n and hated the interface.


I expect to be flamed to hell but hope someone will say something that will help me.

I am desperate.

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