Update on my drowned 5D

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My 5D service update

Just got my 5D back from my local pro shop. No cost from local pro shop, and no charge from Canon.

Power camera up, look to left, look to right, look to bottom, look at top, take a picture, display picture, power down. Repeat. Everything seems ok. I will find out exactly this Saturday when I take the camera to the field for a real exercise.

Fingers cross.


Steven-T wrote:
1. The $20 + plus tax is for the local pro shop to handle my service

2. On the service form, it was clearly written how the 5D got dead

  • exposed to drizzles (light rain) for a short time, blabla ....

My pro shop also told me before hand that a $200-300 charge may
incur if Canon determines it's my fault using the 5D "improperly"
(kind of abuse the camera or something similar), although the
camera is under waranty. The Canon service came back indicated
that the camera was CLA'ed, and no charge.

When I received the 5D, I tried a few shots, no problem. Then a
few days later, I ran out to shoot. The initial 20-30 shots were
no problem, until the 5D started to get weird ...


Guillaume paris2 wrote:
sounds like you want a free lunch, Steven... hoping that they'll
fix something that is your fault for free... you'd be very lucky to
succeed. Pray that they never find out (unless they already have).
A friend of mine did this all candidly... his Coolpix would produce
blurry/hazy pics. I was sure it was the consequence of his
dropping/mistreating his camera... he sent it anyway... the camera
got back, they didn't even look at it. They saw the state it was
in, and didn't bother. No way a camera self-degrades like that...
I opened it, and it was a lens element that popped out of place
(hence the blurry pics). Now the lens is fine but I can't get the
damn thing to work again! LOL

Steven-T wrote:

I took it back to the same pro shop. No cost from the pro shop.
Now the 5D is in Canon Service Center again for 5 days. Please
prayed for me ...


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