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Re: Give it a rest Overclocker...Your opinion is not of any value

I'll add to that the people at the canon forum have almost to a man told me in more than one instance that the 550's pic quality isn't as good as the old S400 you and i had. Much faster and far better video with the 550 of course, but as you said you don't have much control, and forget about macros or you'll be very disappointed compared to the 850. The elph series can't focus wort a at macro length. it's not even close. the only reason i could see to go for a 550 is if casio doesn't fix the video, assuming he cares about video.

Dave W. wrote:

behr wrote:

I am currently leaning towards Canon SD550 which has a better image
quality based on the samples I gathered.

And much reduced flexibility as it has no method of letting you set
a fast shutter speed that is very useful to have in many instances
and has no manual setting abilities at all (a pure point and shoot
beginner camera). Forget being able to take low light no flash
handheld shots. Also no adjustable bestshots. If you never have
the need to have these features on demand, you'll be happy.
Otherwise you'll be cursing it like I did with my old Canon S400.

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