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Re: Thanks

Brent Lossing wrote:


Thanks. Thanks for reminding me to say thanks as she packs my
lunch. Thanks for reminding me it's not that important whether
this or that was done, but that we did it together. Thanks for
reminding me that realtionships cannot be taken for granted.
Thanks for showing me that for all the evil and rude people in the
world, there are probably even more who care for each other as you
and Shelly have. Thanks for taking the time to share this was us -
so we can share a little in your great grief. Thanks Ken - that
was a very large kind gesture from a good heart - Thanks.


Well, it's been a week now. The hardest thing is the phone ringing and her never being on the other end. This little wrinkled grey thing in my head is sadly fascinating. Shelly is all around me but can no longer be touched.

All of your emails and posts really meant a lot to me folks. They trickled in and I read every single one of them. Shelly would've thought that was pretty neat. All of you are my kind of people. Looking at all of your pictures is a fascinating insight into each and every person. Thank you.

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