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Re: Give it a rest Overclocker...Your opinion is not of any value

douggerard wrote:

Overclocker wrote:

Despite being squashed into a smaller size the jaggies are still
there! Original video is 640x480, this .mpg is much smaller.

Yes, please use deshaker, it works great!

This video just demonstrates the fact that any more in-camera
filtering via firmware "fix" won't do much good. You could try this
in virtualdub, look how much blurring filters you'd need to kill
the jaggies!

[Rant mode on]

Tell us Overclocker...Do you own this camera? (I do) You have some
nerve to continue posting here after the fiasco you created in your
"hopeless" thread. Perhaps Casio should let their corporate legal
advisors know about your actions.

We want reliable info here, not constant complaints.

I realize that I am flaming you, and I'll take full responability
for my actions. I'll sacrifice myself for the good of this forum
and all who read it if it results in only posting valid, reliable,
useful information.

[Rant mode off]

Yes flame me, I deserve it. BUt don't pretend you don't see the JAGGIES!

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