R1 Bad Lens :(

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Re: Your images are so large

sangio wrote:

Sorry to hear about your problem.
The second image, upside down, is somewhat softer overall than the
first, but I guess you were hand holding it?

I was, at 1/500th to avoid camera shake. If you examine the picture carefully you can see that even in the centre of the picture the chromatic aberration is asymmetric top-to-bottom - the result being the top of the first pic is slightly sharper than the second pic whilst the bottom of the second pic (which would have been the top) is sharper than the first pic. It's all entirely consistent.

If you want to definitely eliminate DOF as part of the problem, you
could shoot a series of pictures, at a range of apertures, with
the camera aimed directly at a brick building with the sensor
parallel to the wall. This should make it easier for you to
demonstrate the problem when you return the camera.

All that will do is gradually hide the problem - with increased f-stop the problem gets harder to see.

One of the regular posters, I think it was fishcatcher, had an R1
with a misaligned lens element. You might have the same.

Yeah it seems to be misalignment. The asymmetric CA coupled with half the frame being out of focus makes it pretty terminal. Luckily full-zoom is something I don't normally shoot - it just happens to be the easiest way to reproduce the problem.

Thanks for your comments, guys.


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