Sych Speeds faster than 1/500 of a second with D70

Started Apr 2, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Re: Impressive!

You do have to be careful with some of the really older flash units. I have read that my old Vivitar 283 (from the 1970s) has a nominal voltage of 250v - the same as the d70 spec. Too close for comfort. I read this after I tried it on my d70. Luckily there were no ill effects and I measured the voltage on my flash to be 190v. However this can vary a lot copy to copy. The older flashes didnt have any electronics between the flash charge voltage and the camera. Flashes built in the last decade or two use a 5-12 v trigger voltage to be compatable with modern cameras. I dont use my old Vivitar 283 on the d70 any more. Ones built in the last decade or two are ok, but if you have any question, find out your old flash trigger voltage before trying it on a modern camera.


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