Ordered 4GB SD from ebay - will try it in my A620

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Re: Got it - partial test results....

Chimo000 wrote:

Canoga wrote:

Fill one up completely and lose it or have it malfunction while
your on your once in a lifetime vacation, you'll have better
appreciation for not putting all your eggs in one basket. I only do
1 gig cards.

they said that about 128meg cards. and 512's. and 1gig - gosh, why 'trust' 1gig cards - think of how much data you'd lose!

I agree with you on having multiple cards. I have several others
in smaller denominations (512MB, 256MB and 128MB).

yeah. just in case - you never know when you'll have to 'make change' or 'break a gig' for someone.

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