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Lobby, sorry I did answer this but it

seemed to go into limbo.

I only have one opportunity for a bird shot. A beautiful Eagle out by airport on the dykes, sitting about 18-20 ft off the ground.

I spotted it drove up on the dyke parking, watched as people walked by, bikers stopped and chatted and he/she just sat there. Great so I get out and open the trunk to get my mono to enusre I get some good sharp shots.

Put the camera with the 50-200 on the mono and I just start walking towards it and off he takes but does he fly away no he taunts me gliding in the wind not 30 ft above me. I fumble taking the camera off the mono and trying to pump the shutter speed up but too late he/she is gone.

I cursed myself a bit on that. I should have pumped the shutter speed and gone for hand held period and probably would have been able to get some good in air shots.

Oh well, live and learn. Now if my I had my 100-400 on the 20D I would have been fine but she is still in the shop.

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