Kodak V610

Started Mar 29, 2006 | Discussions thread
Kenneth Margulies Senior Member • Posts: 1,467
in camera panoramics stitching

does it still have in camera panoramic stitching like the V570? that camera stitches together three wide angle shots in camera with no computer needed--great examples on this site's Kodak forum.
wonder about the new V610....

chrisbrunasso wrote:

Im wondering if anyone has heard anything about the new Kodak V610,
"The world's smallest 10X optical zoom digital camera." Essentially
its a modified version of the V570 but with an internal 10X optical
lens (130-380mm equiv.) and same wide angle. It has a 2.8" high res
screen and bulit in BLUETOOTH for transfering pictures to computer,
cell phone, PDA, etc. This looks to be a revoultionary camera
because of 10x internal lens and bluetooth. I will update if i get
any more information.

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