Sigma 18-50mmf2.8 or Pentax 16-45mm to buy???

Started Feb 4, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sigma 18-50mmf2.8 or Pentax 16-45mm to buy???

I went back and forth between buying these two lens for a few weeks before I stopped in a shop and actually looked at them and played with them. I read users reviews here of the Pentax 16-45, and Sigma 18-50, and on the web: and

Image quality aside, the construction of the Sigma feels far superior to the Pentax. To me the Pentax felt like a toy lens, kind of cheap and delicate. The Sigma felt more compact and sturdy, the finish is nice slip resistant sort of matte finish. The pentax felt plastic-y The reverse zoom on the Pentax also bugged me and could cause built in flash shadows (or not?) These are just personal observations and I think to say one has far superior image quality over the other is coming from a biased opinion. You may need to decide which is more important, Faster or Wider. Pentax 2mm wider VS. Sigma two stops faster. The sigma is also more expensive, the Pentax retail is cheaper and with the $100 rebate right now it's alot cheaper than the Sigma. I hope to get out this week and shooting some walking around NYC shots. I will follow if I find any issues with the lens and/or i will try to post some of them.

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