E-10 + FL-40 + $$$ = e1?

Started Mar 26, 2006 | Discussions thread
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If you don't need IS...

An E-xxx with the 18-180 lens might have your "fun factor".

That's 36-360 -- quite close to the Uzi's 38-380, and I'd wager the extra on the wide angle is more valuable since you can take a 2MP crop from an E-xxx and have the rough equivalent of an Uzi with 2x more zoom.

The sticking point is the f6.3 on the long end vs f3.5 for the Uzi. That's between 1-2 stops slower before you account for IS, so you'd be shooting ISO 1600 where the Uzi would only need 400.

Noise-wise, it's at least as good, and probably better after you resize down to the Uzi's dimensions. The "fun killer" would likely be the loss of the IS though, to stabilize those long shots. Still... "one lens does it all".... and there's NO comparison in shot/file handling --- the E-xxx stomps all over the E-10 there. I save 14MB RAWs faster than the E-10 handles its 2.5MB JPGs.

Not there yet... but maybe in a year there will be something similar to the 18-180 from the Panny/Leica side, with OIS?

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