E-10 + FL-40 + $$$ = e1?

Started Mar 26, 2006 | Discussions thread
John Hilmer Veteran Member • Posts: 5,842

TK & Inigo,

I never can type it as Ross does.

I may be a bigger dino than the UZI, LOL!

I'm lookin' for the "Fun Factor" and when it shows it head I'll know it.

The recent choices are not what I'm lookin' for.

OK, it may be that I'm not able to handle the DSLR stuff to be able to get the benefit, but given the E-10 experiance that isn't what I'm lookin' for. The E-10 is a great for deliberate stuff, but for bummin' around and shootin' for fun it is the pits.

Until I find a way to enjoy the e-10 I see no reason to abandon the UZI.

Yep, I haven't even shot the UZI recently so what does it matter...


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