E-10 + FL-40 + $$$ = e1?

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Theresa K
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there is some entertainment value there....

John Hilmer wrote:


... waitin' for the Uber-UZI so I can "I told ya so Ross!", and
that will be fun.

I am sure that you two will be knocking each other down to get to be first in line for that one! Of course you will have lots of other competition, all standing in line with their aging UZIS!

I've got the E-10 for when I need the extra heft and that will do
me for now. I took it out yesterday and headed to the beach in
hopes of some heavy surf shots, but all for naught. The weather
turned befor I got there, so not a single release.

I read the other forum daily for the humor it affords. Seems like
their sand box is getting a bit fouled if you take my drift.

It is ugly over there, you have to be very careful about where you step. I have actually seen Phil over there quite a bit and he started a banning thread. He's on the warpath.

Let's see what our good friend Inigo does.

I think it's only a matter of time for Inigo.
Theresa Kelly
Oly E-3OO + some other stuff

Constructive criticism always welcome!

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