E-10 + FL-40 + $$$ = e1?

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Re: Well, given your current arsenal it would seem...

John Hilmer wrote:

... that the E-10 will not be getting much work and unless you keep
the FL-40 for use with the UZI it probably won't have much to do

Never used it with the Uzi -- I don't even have the right cable.

Then of course you could dump the whole bag including the
UZI and wind up with something left over probably.

Excuse me, but for a minute there I thought you were suggesting that I get rid of my Uzi.

It does seem like a pretty good opportunity if you have a yen for
the very fine E-1.

I don't need it, but it does look like it may be too good a deal to pass on. Plus, it would give me a full weather-sealed option.

Would the E-300 get left behind if the E-1 pleases more? Or perhaps
you'll become a double fisted shooter?

More likely double fisted. The E-300 could get left behind in some situations -- like rainy days. But for informal indoor things, the E-1 lacks a pop-up flash so the E-300 would go for that (or even the Uzi).

It really doesn't seem to tough to sort it out given that the E-1
has to be about as big a gift right now as the UZI's were when Comp
USA blew 'em out at $350.00. Dang, I could have bought eight of
them at one point back then. I'm still kicking myself around for
being to timid to do it.

I know what you mean. If I'd only had "extras" around when the mad Uzi buyer was on the loose, I'd have a whole bunch more equipment to play with.

Looking forward to seeing the E-1 images. LOL!

Time will tell....

E-Three-Hundred/DZ Fourteen-Fifty-Four/Sigma Fifty-Five-Two-Hundred

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