30D compared to 300D - impressions

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30D compared to 300D - impressions


I know a lot of you out there are tired of 30D postings but since it's just out there and all want to know what it is like I take the liberty to make a comparison to my 'old' 300D.

A little background first. As a professional photographer and designer I switched to a complete digital workflow about 2 years ago with the introduction of the 300D. I read a few things about it and pre-ordered mine in The Netherlands to make sure I would receive one of the first ones... and I did. It has been surving me good the past years but as I progressed in my work and especially in my actors photography the lack of speed of the 300D became more and more a problem. So I started thinking about upgrading my 300D to something faster but not too expensive. Having used Canon cameras all my life the logical move a few months ago would have been the 20D but the 30D was announced so I promised myself to hold off the 20D and move up to the 30D.

That said, I pre-ordered the 30D some time ago and yesterday my local supplier gave me a call to tell me it arrived. I went over there and checked the camera out with the store owner and gave him the opportunity to make some test shots and try out the 30D since it was the only one he received. After that I went home and checked the 30D out myself. Below my impressions (keep in mind me coming from a 300D)

It's fast

Start-up is instantly and buffering of images fast. In normal use there seems to be no end in the buffer. Also focussing is a lot faster than my 300D, even in low light where on of my lenses on the 300D (canon 28mm) starts hunting, on the 30D there's no problem whatsoever.

It's solid

Compared to my 300D the 30D feels solid. The difference is huge! Size is bigger, weight is bigger but the grip more or less the same as my 300D. Also the lens mount is much more solid when putting a lens on. This might be due to wear and tear of my 300D (which looks bad but still works like a charm).

It sounds solid

I know a lot of people are wondering about the 'noise' the 30D makes. Well, it is noisier than my 300D (which sounds muffled) and also noisier than the Nikon D50 (which is really silent) but a quick comparison in the shop revealed it not as noisy as the 20D. To me the 30D sounds reliable. This may sound funny but it does remind me of my old and beloved Canon Tlb and Ftb slr camera's. It's a mechancal sound which, to me, sounds as it should.

It's sharp

Focus seems much more accurate than my 300D. With my 300D I sometimes have to use tricks to get the focus right in portraits and even then the result is not always predictable. No more! The 30D seems to have smaller sensors since even aiming at an eye gives a sharp eye! This alone makes the 30D a worthwhile upgrade to me.

Where's the noise

I compared a few high iso shots of my 300D with high iso shots of the 30D and am amazed by the difference. Technology has clearly come a long way. Iso 3200 30D shots compare favourably to Iso 800 300D shots. Being a lover of low light photography this is a welcome bonus to me. I can easily pump up the iso without losing too much quality. Certainly up to 800 iso the noise on the 30D images is so low I can't be bothered with it and even higher is more than acceptable to me.

Well, so much for the comparison. I can go on about the screen (big and exceptionally good readable), the different metering modes and so on but I won't. To me, the 30D is all I expected and than some more. The tool, which it is to me, fits my hands and way of working so I'll stop here. I can't be bothered by megapixels (30D has plenty), technology (it works beyond expectations) or comparisons to other camera's. This the camera I'll be working with the coming years and the start is excellent.

I hope some of you out there enjoy this quick comparison and if you like to know more, please just let me know and I'll try to reply. One quick word in advance. Don't ask me to compare to Nikon camera's. First I am not interested in this and apart from that think both Canon and Nikon make great DSLR camera's. A lot of friends ask me for advice when bying a camera and a lot of times I come along with them. They always ask me what to buy, C or N and I can only reply... it's more a matter of taste and personal camera history then of quality.

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