E-10 + FL-40 + $$$ = e1?

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John Hilmer Veteran Member • Posts: 5,842
Well, given your current arsenal it would seem...


... that the E-10 will not be getting much work and unless you keep the FL-40 for use with the UZI it probably won't have much to do either. Then of course you could dump the whole bag including the UZI and wind up with something left over probably.

It does seem like a pretty good opportunity if you have a yen for the very fine E-1.

Would the E-300 get left behind if the E-1 pleases more? Or perhaps you'll become a double fisted shooter?

It really doesn't seem to tough to sort it out given that the E-1 has to be about as big a gift right now as the UZI's were when Comp USA blew 'em out at $350.00. Dang, I could have bought eight of them at one point back then. I'm still kicking myself around for being to timid to do it.

Looking forward to seeing the E-1 images. LOL!

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