I saw my life pass before my eyes as...

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I saw my life pass before my eyes as...

...my 5D dropped 5 feet into the creek below...

Seriously... I was photographing a waterfall in Yosemite this afternoon and I had just put the camera on a tripod and the tripod was rather low (on a slope) and I reached down to adjust the center height of the tripod and instead of loosening the screw to raise the center pole, I undid the clamp holding the camera to the tripod. You know that scene in the movie "Jaws" when Chief Brody is sitting on the beach and he sees the little boy on the raft get eaten by the shark? How the background moves weird-like? Life went into slow motion as I watched my 3-month-old 5D with a 24-70mm Canon "L" series lens, and a 2-gig Lexar CF tumble into the creek and come to rest in the creek upside down, half submerged in water. It stayed in that position for at least 10 seconds in the excrutiating length of time it took me to pull it out of the water.

Dear God.. Please no...

I stopped breathing, raced to the car, grabbed a towel from the back, and sat in the front seat furiously drying it off. I turned it upside down, and water drained out of the shutter-speed adjustment wheel. Wonderful. I continued to shake more water out of the camera; opened the battery compartment, dried it off, the CF slot was dry, thank God... the lens had not cracked or chipped... (whew) but as I turned on the camera, predictably, it went screwy. The LCD panel would not work, my aperture indicator was frozen at 00, and the auto focus would not work. Although the shutter release worked, (it seemed to take a picture) basically, I was SOL. So, I put everything back into the car, and my photography outing was now over. In an effort to dry it out as fast as possible, I turned on my car heat, opened all the openings on the camera, including taking the lens off, (screw dust on the sensor) set the camera on the passenger floor-board on the towel and positioned it to take a full-blast of air about 85 to 90 degrees, and prayed to the Good Lord Jesus up above. For the two hours it took me to get home back to Fresno, I was thinking how long will it take to get it back from Anaheim (the repair facility in California), how much will it cost, it will never be the same, what if they can't fix it? What if water got on the sensor... Christ, it was torture. Got home, got inside, and it seemed to be bone-dry, and I again dropped down on one knee and offered one last prayer...

Put in a new battery and turned on the switch.

Nothing. #$!@! &%!!!

Took the battery out without turning off the switch, put the battery back in and PRESTO!! It came back to life! Long story short, I am back to normal!!!! Believe this or not, I just spent 1/2 hour doing every adjustment, change, etc that can be done to this camera and I am GOOD TO GO!! Flash works, ETTL works, Autofocus works, no dust on the sensor (yet, that I can see) LCD panel works.... Aperture wheel works...

I cannot believe it!! I guess I'm living right...

Thank God the water was very clean and apparently left no residue... no dirt got inside... it hit green moss when it hit the ground so no trauma damage, at least not that has evidenced itself yet...

Can you believe it? Wow. Lesson learned. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!


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