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Re: VR effectiveness at macro distances?

Hey Matt, haven't shot a lot of Macro with it yet, I will have to go on a 1:1 test in the near future. I know I can do really good ones at 1/30 for sure ...

Matt F wrote:

Yves P. wrote:

HI Matt, Vr is VR wether you are at long or close range. It is
excellent but cannot produce miracles under1/20 sec. Remember that
105 becones around 160mm in FOV.

If you are saying that you can get a sharp hand-held exposure at
1/20th, at 1:1 magnfication, then I would say that is a miracle!

With my 60 mm micro, I feel like I need to keep it in the 1/120th
to 1/200th zone at 1:1 to have any chance of a sharp hand-held

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Some pictures I like:

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