D200 and AF-S VR 105 Micro 2.8 G

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Re: D200 and AF-S VR 105 Micro 2.8 G

Michel Jarry wrote:

Bonjour Yves,

I can see that your lens is very sharp but, to my eye, it does not
seem to be any sharper than my current Micro Nikor 105 2.8 (non VR)
lens. Although, the comparison may be different looking at an
actual print.

If you had any experience with the old (non VR) 105 2.8 lens, I
would appreciate your comments...

Naturally, the VR option on your new lens is very tempting...



Salut Michel.

First, the VR is the reason why I went this way, second, the working distance and third, the fantastic results even wide open, surprisingly as sharp as a stopped down to F4 Vr 70-200 in appearance anyways. I can't realyy talk about the sharpness compared to the actual 105 (non VR) closed down but wide open, it is a screamer.

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Yves P.
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Some pictures I like:

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