R1 Image File Numbering Question

Started Mar 24, 2006 | Discussions thread
Godfrey Forum Pro • Posts: 29,305
Re: Here's how I use folders

Birk Binnard wrote:

The benefit comes when you transfer the images to your hard drive.
All you have to do is rename the folders with meaningful names and
Voila! Instant organization.

It sounds like you don't download your exposures to the computer very frequently. I download my exposures to external storage or to my computer every day, after a shooting session. Also, with RAW format files in the 21Mbyte range, even a 4G storage card is only about 200 exposures .. that's usually about one shooting sessions work.

Given that, the use of folders is rarely of much real advantage. I use 2G flash media rather than 4G microdrives as I feel it is more reliable and less likely to suffer loss.


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