D200 and AF-S VR 105 Micro 2.8 G

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Re: I hate mathematicians ... :-)

Resalut Yves,

VR effectiveness is dependent of only one thing: motion blur amplitude, that is how far from the original position the subject is dancing on the sensor. So if you can get the subject to move the same at 1:1 than at 1:10 you'll get the same effectiveness from the VR. The problem is it is much harder to keep the image still on the sensor at 1:1 than at 1:10 (cf. my previous post). Another way of stating the previous formula is
motion blur amplitude = k* R / d

where k is a constant, R is the reproduction ratio and d the distance from the subject to the nodal point.

Moi j'aime bien les mathematiciens.


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