D200 and AF-S VR 105 Micro 2.8 G

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Tight Portrait -- Check! . . . Squirrels -- ???

Hi Yves:

I have been intrigued by this lens from the moment it was announced.

Even more important than squirrels, I am wondering if you have developed any thoughts about:

1. Macro subjects. Do you still have that pet green grasshopper living with you? He's hibernating? How about anything small that you could shoot?

2. Bokeh. Is this really a portrait lens, too? Compare to 70-200mm VR at 105mm? 85mm f1.4?

3. VR II. With supersharp glass, can you get super-sharp hand held images at 4 stops below normal? Can you get decently sharp hand held shots even at macro magnifications?

4. Flat field sharpness for macros of flat subjects like coins and stamps?

5. Focus speed close-up and at distance?

This may become a an instant classic lens, especially if it can perform like its other nanocrystal coating cousins. Inquiring minds want to know.. . . .
Bill Adams

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