Zenitar 16 FE- presentation and samples

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Links to some samples I like

I tried to remember some great Zenitar pictures I have seen here at the forum. Great for different reasons, not to be compared to eachother. I found these two examples when searching:
One picture by Dave [Darkgenius]. A lot of nature in one shot:

Obviously a zenitar can be used for blow-ups. For you not familiar with LCE (Local Contrast Enhancement) it might be worth the check the replies...

Hey, Dave, what happened with that picture? Did you sell it? Are they still hangin' there?

And one by Holger [saltoricco]. Again he gave us a face, this time of the only model he can afford, and what a face!:

Used scarsely you might use the zenitar for close-ups. This is something else, PP included, than the face pictures I showed above ending in the recommendation not to use it the lens for portraits...

Then I also liked the pictures by Godfrey showed in another recent thread about the Zenitar. People in an environment:

They, and especially the second one, show that with some care people can be put inside the frame. A portrait really mustn't be head and shoulders only.

I hope you don't mind me linking to your work. To me your pictures are good examples of gods that can inspire, which was the first reason for posting this thread.



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