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Timur and Steve

I have ridden these lens roller coasters before, and have to stop myself from listening too much to reviews of newly purchased excitement.

First a quick note to Timur. The camera was set at sharp hard in the exif. My experience is that if hardness is normal or off, you will get a better comparison to other lenses.

Steve, this really does look like a very tempting lens to own. This would give me the trilogy at f/1.4, 30, 50 and 85 Primes. I nearly jumped and bought the 28 nikon, but I slowed up at around $2,000 Au. The sigma would set me back $600 Au. Obviously a huge saving over the nikor, but, I have seen other reports set in low light situations and my opinion was that the nikon was killer superior. I do want a fast lens at around 30mm to be my "normal" lens (50mm equiv), but I am wary.

If you could do some night shots that we can have a look at the bokeh, light points etc. maybe yours is a better copy and that would give me confidence to open my wallet.

Believe me, I know what a pain it is when you buy a lens that you are very excited with and throw some posts on the web to share, then every one expects you to be a Sigma salesman. Not fun.

I do have to say here, that a 30 mm is not a huge priority to me at present. Most forum members know that my passion is motor sport photography, followed by field sports (mostly my son's cricket career), then the real payer is catalogue work.

I could exist with a 60mm macro, it is really the only lens that pays for everything else. But a 30mm f/1.4.......hmmmmm would be nice, but I have to stop that way of thinking, because a $600 lens here and a $1000 lens there and I will never achieve my ultimate goal of the 400 f/2.8. I may sound a bit flippant, but 400mm f/2.8's go for around $14,000 Au.

I have rambled on enough and I do hope that the 30 sigma brings you many hours of satisfaction and that it is a worthy replacement of the 35 f/2 nikon.
Warm regards, Dave.

If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.

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