spyder2 suite vs. spyder2 pro?

Started Mar 17, 2006 | Discussions thread
klinikl Senior Member • Posts: 1,042
Re: spyder2 suite vs. spyder2 pro?

The differences of Spyder2Express, Spyder2 Suite and Spyder2 Pro is the bundled software. They use the same exact colorimeter.

I've used Express and Pro on LCD monitors. Express only let me calibrate to Gamma 2.2 and Native white point. That would be enough if I only had 1 monitor. I switched to Pro pecause I needed to match color on 2 identical monitors - so I needed unlimited choices for color temperature (white point).

Suite gives you "multiple" gamma/white point choices but I don't know what they are.

See the bottom of this page for approximate feature comparison:

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